Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back...and going to the Moon!

I know it's been a good 5 months since I've posted last on this blog but life has been a bit hectic for me and I haven't found the time or the focus to post at all.  The few posts I came up with were used for the Eternal Warriors front page and I refuse to simply cut&paste blog posts from one to the other. 

A couple weeks ago I went to Adepticon and had an amazing time.  Not only was it fun seeing all of the other podcasters, fans of the show, and playing tons of 40k and hordes games, but it was awesome seeing all of the cool armies and models people have done. 

Seeing the cool armies that other people have done have made me decide on my own hobby project.  While I do enjoy the 40k fluff, I really want to aim at trying something unique, hence why I chose what I did.

I know it's not quite 40k fluff or canon, but I aim to have the entire army be built with as many citadel minatures bits as I can and intend to use it at the 40k championship next year at Adepticon.  While I'd like to try and compete with it as best as I can, the point would be a hobby project completely. 

 It is a drop pod army  based on this.  I want to build lunar landers as close to this as possible, but using as many citadel bits as possible.  The first part of the plan is to order one of these kits from revell miniatures to get all of the pieces, to see what parts I can easily swap for for citadel miniature bits.  Figuring out how to build the first one will be the toughest part.

I figure that this project will help me post more regularly as well as the blog helping to keep me motivated on the project.  From time to time, I'll post other random thoughts but it will still be mostly dedicated towards the hobby.