Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Continued update on Apollo and other hobby news...

I know it's been a few weeks since I last posted on my progress regarding the Apollo drop pod army, but there hasn't been too much.  I did finally get the first Revell Lunar Lander full assembled, I still have yet to paint it.  Also I have figured out the heads and backpacks that I will use on the marines.  I've worked out that I can use the heads and backpacks from the astronauts included in the Revell set.  Here are some pictures of them posed next to a rhino for size comparison.  Unfortunately I don't have an assembled drop pod so I'm not able to demonstrate a proper comparison to that.  I found that the astronaut helmets fit onto the rim of the mount of the power armor where head goes, to form a pretty good seal. 

Front Comparison with the Marine, Rhino, and LEM (Lunar Excursion Module)

Best pic I could get close up of the marine's head using my droid.

Here's an overhead view to establish the footprint this takes up on the table.

As I make more progress, I'll keep you guys updated along the way.  In other news I've gotten into Malifaux recently, started a Resurrectionists crew led by Seamus.  So far I have only played one game, but I really was surprised by how much fun the card mechanic was.  Also while the basic game rules are not very hard to learn, each model has very complicated rules and they differ quite a bit from faction to faction so it can be tricky to learn how the models play.  This friday I'll be taking on C-Swizzy in either Malifaux or I'll be having a rematch in the IRON ARENA!! playing warmachine/hordes.

I've been also busy with a blood bowl league I'm in.  I'm desperately trying to get my team fully painted by tomorrow, which is the last game of the regular season.  So far, I'm in second place out of twelve with 6 wins, 1 loss, and 3 draws with an Orc team.  I'm having a blast with the league, met a bunch of cool people who helped show me alot of neat tricks in the game.  I'm a little disappointed that none of the other TEW crew are interested in it, but it just means I can expand my gaming horizons outward in other directions.  The next league I get into, I'll be running a Khemri team using converted Tomb King models. 

I really don't have much to say about the GW boycott.  Instead of screaming from my soapbox like most of the community likes to do about the issue, I let my wallet do the talking.  I have expanded my range of games in the last few months and intend to explore them more.  Also, the Apollo project has a minimal about of fresh GW models I have to get, as most of the stuff I'll get from Revell or resin cast (just the helmets and backpacks.)  My main dilemma is with the upcoming Dark Eldar 3rd wave of models, especially between the venoms and the release of the razorwing fighter.  I'll most likely just use a discount seller or the second hand market for those. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on the Apollo Project

 It's been about two weeks since I announced my project and so far I'm making some slow progress on several fronts.  I ordered and currently have in my possession two kits from Revel models of the Lunar Lander.  One I'm going to try and put together to both see how it looks and the size of it on the board., but so far haven't actually sat down to build it.  The other I'm going to keep in parts as a way to figuring out citadel parts to substitute for components as best I can.

For the marines themselves, I've decided upon a concept of how I wish to do that, as I want to keep it still mostly 40k models, I'm going to use the body of the space marines, but replace the helmets and backpacks with substitutes that are closer to the Apollo astronauts. 

I also plan to build some "lunar rovers" that will play as land speeder typhoons.  I'm still trying to figure out how to model that based from a GW or citadel model.  I'm thinking maybe some or the ork buggies for bits might be a good start.

Start with this...

Result with this...

Right now the project is in the planning stages for not only the models, but also the list I want to build this for.  The other day I tested a drop pod army just to get the feel of it and I learned quite a few things from the experience.

I feel that to be able to put up a reasonable fight against opponents, I'm wanting to try out the following list I posted on the TEW forums.


My original intention with this entire project was to have it completed and ready for Adepticon 2012 which I still plan to have it done for.  However, I am accelerating my deadline to September, to be ready for the Grand Waaagh on board the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier / Floating Museum.  As it was the recovery ship for Apollo 11, I think it would be cool to have this army completed and competing there. 

As I make more progress, I'll continue to post more updates, along with any other hobby updates.