Monday, October 25, 2010

Back From Rock-Con

 I am back from Rock-Con and I have to say it was an absolutely fun time.  I met many interesting and cool 40k players (several of who listened to DLT) from around the region (Chicago, Rockford IL, Milwaukee, Madison WI, and Minnesota).  I did some open gaming friday with another IG player and spent time with a couple of players exchanging ideas and tactics.

I played in the tournament saturday and sunday.  The turnout was a little less than expected (22 out of the planned 30).  I was also surprised with what armies showed up.  There were four IG players, two space wolves (with exactly identical lists, every piece), one blood angels, five Space Marines, 3 chaos space marines, 1 daemons, 1 ork, 2 necrons, 1 eldar, 1 tau, 1 witch hunters.  I'm too used to my local meta game being dominated by Space Wolves and Orks.

I'll give some more in depth battle reports throughout the week, but I'd have to say that I was disappointed with my overall performance.  I had 2 wins and 3 losses in the tournament, with my three losses coming by very close games to Witch Hunters, Chaos Space Marines, and all biker Orks.

 "Best General?  You Kidding Me!? Don't Talk about Best General!!  I  just hope I can win a game!" - Myself at RockCon

Those three games were the most fun I had during the tournament because each of those games were just total slugfests between both players, resulting in very little left on each side.  My two wins were both 4th turn wipeouts.  One was against an Ultramarines player who was used to chaos marines and very new to space marines.  The last one was against Necrons, phased him out after 4 turns.

After all 5 games though, I ended up 11th place in terms of win/loss record, but tied for 5th in mission points, mostly due to me gaining full points during my two wins.  Every game I played, I felt as though I had the much better list, but in each of my three losses, I just could not do enough damage.  The psyker battle squad was big money, but my infantry platoon was useless.  The autocannons killed almost nothing over 5 games, and they gave up many extra kill points.  I'll probably replace the platoon with two melta vet squads in chimeras. 

Despite my army not performing as well as it could have, I did have to say that I learned quite a bit about my army and had some really fun games.  Not only will I be going next year, I'm much more excited and eager to travel out to other Cons and tournaments next year.

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  1. infantry platoons are strictly for securing objectives whilst the other guys kill off the enemy.

    they are rubbish at killing stuff... which is why sometimes, seasoned IG players don't even give the infantry platoon squad, special weapons.

    the infantry platoon command squad still need special weapons though... its great to use them as suicide tank / mc killers and if they fail, mop up with the specialized units like veterans or ccs.