Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting ready to Rock-Con!

First item on today's office agenda, ROCK N ROLL!!!

It has been a hectic week of getting this blog going whilst preparing for the trip to Rock-Con tomorrow.  Despite Adepticon being local for me, there are very few other events going on in the region during the year, so this should be a fun event to go to.  It is a 30 person, 5 round tournament, 1850 points which will take place over two days (3 rounds Saturday, 2 rounds Sunday).  There should also be plenty of time outside of the games to be able to check out all of the stuff going on there.

I'll be bringing my competitive IG list to this tournament.  It generally follows the current IG mech template.  I have also checked it numerous times by hand and calculator to make sure that all of the values add up properly and the total does not exceed 1850. 

[205] Company Command Squad - 4x plasma guns, plasma pistol, officer of the fleet - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser

{Troops} -
Infantry Platoon
[105] - Platoon Command Squad - 4x flamers - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser
[125] - Infantry Squad – autocannon, meltagun - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser
[70] - Infantry Squad – autocannon, meltagun
[65] – Infantry Squad - autocannon, flamer
[50] – Special Weapons Squad – 3x flamers

[130] Veteran Squad - 3x meltaguns, demolitions

[130] Veteran Squad - 3x meltaguns, demolitions


[175] Psyker Battle Squad – 9x psykers, 1x overseer, chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, hvy stubber, multi-laser

[65] Guardsman Marbo

{Fast Attack}

[130] Vendetta

[130] Vendetta

{Heavy Support}

[150] Hydra Flak Tank x2 (squadron) - hull heavy bolter(s)

[160] Manticore - hull heavy bolter

[160]  Manticore – hull heavy bolter

Total:  1850

 "Are those Space Marines?"  - Local "regular" upon seeing my IG vehicles, infantry, and vendettas.

I'm confident in the list, it will mainly depend on the matchups I end up with to determine how I'll do.  Honestly I'm looking to at least put up a good fight in every game and just have a fun time meeting some new players from other areas.  Next week I should have up the results and some battle reports.


  1. Nice solid list good luck at at the con, hey on you're hydra's are you using forgeworld or you're own conversions? the picture i can't tell.

  2. Yeah it's not a good angle for that. It's my own. I used the quad auto-cannons from the Aegis Defense set. The fit perfectly onto the spot that the chimera turrent fits on, so it's an easy swap.

  3. Nice i was thinking of buying the FW hydra's but, i'm still working on buying 3 mroe chimera's and 1 more manticore kits.

  4. Army look great fella, sort of UN feel with the blue headgear!

    Good luck at the tournament and be sure to let us know how you get on.

  5. i think hull flamers for the manticore is better.

    when they run out of missiles, they can go in and fry infantry.

    or fry those outflanking genestealers ;-)

  6. Oh, this is why you bailed on Warstore Weekend, I see how it is... ;)

    Have fun and I hope you do well.