Friday, November 5, 2010

Back in the Studio!

Yesterday night, we recorded the first episode of The Eternal Warriors and it was really fun to do after the last several weeks of the end of DLT and sudden change to the new show.  I think the new show is going to be very good, going off of the experience plus lessons learned from the last show. 

The show should be out around Sunday, Nov 7th.  It will also be available on Itunes.  Check out and add the show to your RSS feed at

Originally we were not planning to have a forum with the new show, but due to a heavy demand by listeners and users of the previous forum, a new forum was established earlier in the week.  On the main page now, each of the hosts will be making regular blog posts; my day is going to be Tuesdays, which I'll mirror those posts to here.  You should expect to see about a new post every day, also having guest posts as well. 

I will have regular posts on this blog that will be seperate from the eternal warriors site.  My schedule has been somewhat hectic so it has been difficult to nail down an exact day, but it seems like it will be Wednesdays and Friday/Saturday for now. 

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