Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update, Hobby Progress, and Ogryn!

Hey Guys,

Sorry I have been away from the blog for more than two weeks. I hit a period where I was running out of ideas that I wasn't using for The Eternal Warriors main page, where I contribute once a week on Tuesdays.  I didn't want to just cut/paste entries from there to here or vice versa.  I do have quite a few more ideas ready to go so I'll be posting much more regularly over the next several weeks at least. 

A few weeks ago I finally had my Ogryn conversions completed via commission from my buddy John (aka The Baron).  I like how they turned out, though it will still be up to me to flock and base the models properly (which I wanted to do myself to match the rest of my IG army.)  I used Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Bulls as they're much less expensive than Ogryn and in plastic.  I can get a box of 6 Ogres for $40 retail, instead of the $25 for a single Ogryn blister pack.  Kept them mostly the same as the fantasy versions, although the bandoleers were made from greenstuff and small pieces of plasticard, and then used Ork shootas as the Ripper Guns.  Also conversions were done to represent the Bone'Eads (metal plate on the forehead).

I have now three squads of 6 Ogryn (which is the limit of Ogryn that I can fit into a chimera transport.) 

Squad #1 - Yes, the Bone'Ead is comin at you with a Bear Trap!
Squad #2

Squad # 3

Yeah there is a guy who is a different shade than the rest in Squad #3.  He was done as part of a test, to see which color I preferred.  Once the others had been painted the regular color, I couldn't stand to have the last guy repainted, so I kept him the way he is.  His clothing is consistent with the rest of the army, just the flesh color is different.

Last weekend, I played in a tournament with an IG list that utilized all 18 Ogryn.  I did better than I expected, finishing 4th out of 10 players.  Later this week I hope to have a detailed battle report posted.  Also I received an order I had made from The Broken Forge.  I received three Ravagers and a box of new wyches for my Dark Eldar.

Very pretty models - Almost makes you forget about the Storm Raven.

 While most of my army still consists of the older models, I didn't have any ravagers, so I ordered three boxes to keep me covered.  I have also been using the new wyche models as Hecatrix bloodbrides.  I'll definitely be providing more updates on my hobby progress with them as I get them assembled and painted.

There will be more posts coming over the next several days.


  1. I like the conversion work on the ogryn, looks like a cheaper alternative. Even though the rules say we can fit six in a chimera, I doubt three of those would.

  2. Are you ever going to update your blog again?