Monday, June 13, 2011

Dead before it's even off the ground...

I haven't been making many posts on the blog as I just haven't had time lately due to real life, between Grad school, full time work, friends and family.  A recent crop of unexpected expenses has come up in real life that will cause this project to be suspended indefinitely.

Recently I got into a car accident (nobody got hurt, I'm fine) and between the insurance deductible and traffic ticket I got, I got quite a setback in terms of money.  This was quite a wakeup call to me and while I'm not facing huge problems, I really can't justify the costs of traveling to the Grand Waaagh as well as building an entire army just for that event and Adepticon. 

I do appreciate the support I had been receiving for the project.  I was amazed at the reception I was getting when the idea hadn't really left the ground.  I still plan to continue the blog with updates when I can.  With me having to be a little tighter with my funds, I'll focus more of my energy on finishing the models I do have, as well as trying to develop and learn my modeling abilities.

I already have several other 40k armies that need to be assembled and painted, as well as my Skorne for Hordes, my blood bowl teams, and the Seamus crew I have for Malifaux, so there will still be plenty for me to talk about on the blog. 

I'll leave you with a clip of the swansong of the Apollo program, Apollo 17, from the documentary "When We Left Earth: The NASA Mission."

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  1. I am glad that you (and nobody) were not hurt in the accident.

    Pity you have the shelf this project indefinitely... surely you will pick it up again in future?

    Real life does catches up to you from time to time, for me it was dumping WHFB (and the armies i had) to better support my 40k armies (expanding existing armies instead of starting new ones) when I realized the huge monetary expense whenever I start a new army (and subsequently supporting them whenever there are new releases)